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We have an introductory guide to the various types of bollards on the market today as well as individual details on a range of bollards, bollard materials and bollards for specific functions. If you have any questions at all relating to your bollard requirements for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re here to help.

Types of Bollards

There are several types of bollard, depending on your specific barrier requirements. Below we outline some of the more common bollards within our own range.

Concrete Bollards

Concrete Bollards

Concrete bollard products can be produced with smooth grey finish (OPC) or smooth plain white finish (PW). A range of ten Prestige finishes to match Townscape’s paving products is also available. Exposed natural aggregate surface finishes using river bed materials, granites or limestone aggregates are produced to complement alternative concrete products. The appearance of the product can be altered by the use of an alternative matrix material. Aggregates can also be varied from 6mm – 14mm graded materials.

Concrete will always exceed the minimum requirement of 30N/mm2. Bollards will be cast with an internal steel reinforcement cage, which will in the event of severe impact maintain the integrity of the unit.

Polymer Bollards

Concrete Bollards

Our polymer bollards are manufactured using a high quality engineering grade polyurethane cast around a mild steel core section. The polyurethane will be pigmented to create a match to the final 2 pack polyurethane, wet spray application, gloss finish.

Stainless Steel Bollards

Concrete Bollards

Hollow tubular and square sections are available. Grade 304 Stainless steel with a satin finish suitable for all inland installations or Grade 316 Stainless steel which is more suited to coastal installations. Polished finish on bollard sections can also be achieved with our stainless steel bollards.

Timber Bollards (Wooden Bollards)

Concrete Bollards

Timber bollards are manufactured from high quality hardwood timbers supplied from managed forests. FSC certified timber can be supplied if specified by the customer. Wooden bollards offer some advantages but require higher levels of bollard maintenance than steel bollards or cast iron bollard products.

Cast Iron Bollards

Concrete Bollards

Ductile cast iron bollards offer high tensile strength as opposed to grey cast iron with minimal tensile strength is used in the manufacture of Townscape cast iron bollards. Cast iron products are finished using a high zinc protective priming coat before a wet spray top coat.

The products shown on this site are only a selection taken from the total range of products we have available. For further information regarding our complete range, please contact our sales office.

Townscape offers a range of bollards in a material to suit every type of application. Both modern and traditional designs are available and they are suitable for either permanent in ground fixing or can be removable.

An Introduction to Bollards

The main function of a bollard is to provide an open barrier to separate pedestrians from vehicles.

Increasingly they can also act as a protective ram-raid feature around a building or other vulnerable area. The end use of a bollard will affect the design selection process as the visibility in terms of height, width and finish will have to be considered. The bollards can be personalised to customer requirements and have optional features added such as reflective strips, badges, stubbing plates and eyebolts.

Bollards Catalogue

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